Watch out for these WordPress ‘Gotchas’

Watch out for these WordPress ‘Gotchas’

John Hewick

Encountered a WordPress error? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! The wonderful thing about the WordPress CMS is the fantastic support you can find online to fix any problem.

Here are some of the more common errors and how to fix them.

The White Screen of Death

No information showing? It’s the WordPress White Screen of Death. This is usually caused by either an incompatible plugin or theme. Try deactivating all of your plugins, and then activating them one by one. If you can’t login, try going via FTP and rename the plugin folder plugins_old.

A new theme may also be the culprit. Try using the default Twenty Fifteen theme to see if this resolves the issue.

Internal Server Error

This is really common. Reasons include:

  • Corrupted .htaccess file – Try renaming the .htaccessfile to .htaccess_old.
  • Plugin issue – Deactivate all plugins.
  • Theme issues – Try the Twenty Fifteen default theme.
  • Not enough PHP memory.
  • Errors in the wp-adminand wp-includes folders – reupload from a fresh install.

Error Establishing Database Connection

This means there’s an issue with the connection to your database. It could be one of a number of issues:

  • Incorrect wp-config.php information – check the database name, username, password and host in wp-config.php.
  • Issue with your web host – Is your server down? Contact them to find out.
  • Hacked – check Sucuri SiteCheck to see if your site has been compromised.

Connection Timed Out

Your server might be working too hard and not be coping. Try these:

  • Deactivate plugins.
  • Use default theme.
  • Increase memory limit in configuration folder.
  • Increase execution time in the php.ini file.

Changes Not Showing Up

If changes to your website aren’t appearing, try clearing your browser cache.

John Hewick

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