Utilising AdWords Editor New Custom Rules

Utilising AdWords Editor New Custom Rules

Google is on a mission to have advertisers adopt their best practices and one key way in which you can do this is by having a Google friendly account. AdWords Editor has introduced new custom rules that allow users to quickly identify what is missing in their accounts. This means there are no excuses to not comply with their rules! Follow our top tips to ensure that you are utilising the new custom rules featured within AdWords Editor.

New Custom Rules to in AdWords Editor

When visiting AdWords Editor, you will now notice in the left navigation pane a ‘Custom Rules’ section. This new section will help you make your website the very best it can be by highlighting key features having a negative impact on your Google ranking. It will report not having a minimum of four call out extensions or site links and using manual bidding. What’s more, it will also highlight a lack of conversion tracking and having no search audiences assigned to campaigns.

Google has also highlighted that the basic A/B ad testing will not cut it anymore. This is why there is a built-in custom rule that displays how many ad groups have less than three ads. Users can access these built-in custom rules which will be displayed even when there are no violations. It will display this with a 0 in that column. To quickly spot warnings and errors, you will need to set up custom rules which can be done so through the editor pane.

Using AdWords Editor Custom Rules to Overcome Violations

Once you are in the editor pane’s custom rules you can then build the filter for your rules in the violation criteria box. What’s great about custom rules is that they can also be set up to apply to campaign and ad group labels too.

There are a few ways in which you can find the entities that are in violation of custom rules. The first way in which you can do this is by right-clicking on a rule within the Custom Rules section. You will then need to hit ‘Show Violations’ featured at the bottom of the menu.

The second way which you can build a filter is by choosing the filters box. You can scroll down to ‘Custom Rule Violation Figures’ and choose from the drop-down menu that will then be displayed.

Further Updates to AdWords

There have been plenty of updates created to enhance AdWords and the new custom rules are a great way to improve your businesses online success. One of the first things you’ll notice in the new AdWords Editor 12 is a slight change in the design. Other changes you are also sure to notice is that to the features. The new AdWords Editor supports maximising conversions bid strategy, image uploads for app campaigns and, responsive ads creation and editing.