Using social to develop sales


Generating sales is all about communicating with and establishing networks amongst prospective clients. Social media is a great way to build up relationships and as well as conducting market research, which in turn can initiate conversations and generate sales. Social media doesn’t just mean generating new leads though; it allows you to further build on current relationships with can generate repeat purchases. But how can you use social media to develop sales?

What is the best way to connect with your prospective customers?

First of all, are your clients using social media? Chances are, if you sell recliner chairs for the elderly that your customers may not be using social media and you may be wasting your time! Do plenty of research before you put together a social media strategy, establish not only whether your target market use social media, but which platforms are going to be most effective for you. This is very much dependent on  your possible advertising budget for social media. Businesses using Facebook for sales purposes, tend to get much more visibility with the use of paid advertisements. With this, it is a great idea to run platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram alongside your Facebook strategy to get maximum visibility. The key to a successful strategy is engagement, not just positing information but creating a talking point and offering something unique and interesting to view.

Twitter poses a great two-way communication tool between your brand and customers. It gives the ability to listen to what your customers are saying, and respond on a personal basis. Do your research and investigate into what problems or questions you can solve, showcasing your knowledge of your industry.

LinkedIn is very much business-to-business services and products, and acts a much more professional networking environment. It’s a great way to connect with professionals within your industry and build your reputation.

Don’t limit yourselves to these three, and don’t always keep a direct focus on one channel. More often than not, a strategy integrating a range of social platforms works far better and can be far more effective than keeping a focus on one.

How do you establish new connections across social platforms?

Using a tool such a followerwonk or is a great way to find individuals with the same interests and attributes as your customers.

Search for a keyword relating to your industry and start up a conversation. Contribute to the conversation to build up a natural relationship with people, comment on their posts, retweets them, share something they say or answer a question – anything to start up a conversation.

Get to know them and don’t instantly bombard them with offers and information of your business, understand what their needs are first. Once you’ve established their wants, contact them privately and specifically reference what you have learnt from them – but not in a pushy way!


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