Using Multiple Discounts in Woocommerce

Using Multiple Discounts in Woocommerce

John Hewick

Offering discounts to encourage multiple purchases of the same product is a great way to increase sales. If done correctly it shouldn’t harm your bottom line while increasing profits without the need for expensive promotional campaigns.

It’s also an attractive means of rewarding the customer. They’ll be happy that they’ve made a saving which could encourage repeat business and future referrals.

Clearly there are plenty of benefits to providing discounts for multiple purchases, but just how easy is this to set up on Woocommerce?

Thankfully, this feature doesn’t require the help of a trained developer. Instead, you can make use of the many plugins designed specifically to enable the use of these discounts. The WooCommerce Advanced Fees Plugin is a great option.

Adding an advanced fee

After you’ve activated the plugin it only takes a few simple steps to implement a discount across any of your products on site.

Under the Woocommerce admin panel, you should now see a new setting tab named ‘Fees’. Click on this to set the conditions for the discounts.

There’s a variety of parameters than can be set using a drop down menu which appears after clicking ‘Add Advanced Fee’. First you must apply the fee to the corresponding product that you wish to offer a multiple buy discount. Select the ‘Contains Product’ category before including the exact name of the desired product in the field.

Alternatively, you can choose to provide discounts based on weight, quantity or even by user details.

Add the quantity

Given that we’re only applying this discount based on multiple purchases of the same product, you’ll need to change the quantity to ‘2’ (or whatever number required).

Click ‘Add Advanced Fee’ again and choose the condition as ‘Quantity’. A drop-down box will allow you to choose the number of products needed in a customer’s cart for them to qualify for the discount.

Fee settings

Once you’ve chosen the conditions of the discount, it’s time to edit the fee settings.

The ‘Fee Title’ is what’s shown on the front-end to your customers. This will be shown at checkout as well as in the email order confirmation. As an example, it may be ‘15% Off Multiple Purchase Discount’.

Next is the ‘Fee Amount’ which determines exactly how much discount the consumer receives. This can be altered with either a ‘straight fee’ or for more complex requirements you may require the ‘add variations’ setting. For the purpose of offering discounts for multiple products, simply input a straight fee. Using the example above, you would add the figure ‘-15%’ into the ‘Fee Amount’ box.

Finally, hit the ‘save’ button before testing the changes on your site. Follow the steps of the customer by adding more than one of the same product to cart. Go to checkout and that discount should be automatically applied. This should also show on the order page with the same title you added earlier. It’s as simple as that!

John Hewick

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