Using Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your Website


Social media for a business is all about engaging with your audience, and driving them towards your website. Writing a great blog article is no use without driving the traffic to your website to read it! Using Facebook to drive traffic to your website is a great way of increasing your blog article readership. Elementary talk you through a few top tips to increase your website traffic.

  1. Keep it short – You’ve written a full blog article, there’s no need to post the entire article on your Facebook page! Use short, witty posts that grab your audience’s attention and make them want to click through and read more. With a huge percentage of your audience using Facebook on their phone, they only want a short snippet of information, a little teaser of your blog article.
  2. Ask a question – Build on the two-way communication platform, asking questions is a great way to keep your audience intrigued and generate a response – make sure it’s related to your blog article!
  3. Provide a quote – Have you used an intriguing quote within your article? Quotes tend to be one of the most shared content on social media sites, and it helps to give a small insight into your article topic.
  4. Images – Images are much more likely to grab and hold the attention of your audience, and get around 120% more engagement than posts with no photos. Make sure to use full size images that are visually appealing and related to your blog to increase click thoughts.
  5. Delete the link – Keep your update clean, delete the link in the text of your post, the image and summary of your article will take your audience directly through to your blog post.
  6. Weekly summary – Friday lunchtime, make a post compiling your best articles of the week. This gives your audience options of articles and helps to generate more click-throughs. Use a lookbook to show all the images from your blog articles.
  7. Share other bloggers – Although a more indirect strategy, sharing other people’s content will in fact make your business look more willing to share, the company blogs you have shared are more likely to share your content back which can bring new traffic to your website, as well as gaining customer loyalty through informative content.
  8. Lifestyle posts – Have you read a great “how to” article recently? Your audience want you to enhance their lives and make a valid contribution to their Facebook community.
  9. Video – Creativity is what grabs attention. Make a Vine video and embed it on your Facebook page, showcasing the essence of your blog article. If your video is enticing enough, you will increase engagement and click through to your website.
  10. Facebook advertising – There are two types of advertisement you can use on Facebook, promoted posts and more targeted Facebook ads. Targeted Facebook ads will reach an audience with your niche demographics and interests, and promoted posts are used to target your blog updates to fans and their friends. Using Facebook ads will very much depend on your purpose, and your budget. There is a pay-per-click option on your Facebook advertisements, meaning it doesn’t have to be expensive for the return on investment you get. This means if you target your advertisements to reach people who are specifically interested in your area then you are only paying for people who will become potential customers!

Using Facebook as a communication tool with your audience is a great way of get your blog talked about, shared and ultimately drive more traffic back to your website in the hope that this browser traffic will covert to customers!


Author Gyles Seward

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