Using email as part of your social media strategy


Don’t listen to anyone who says email & mailing lists are old news because they are quite simply, not. Although all of us have to put up with some kind of email spam on a daily basis, don’t let this put you off taking advantage of something that could reach even more users that tweeting could ever do.
One of the best things about mailing lists is that they are much more efficient at reaching the desired users that social updates, as not all updates appear to everyone and it’s quite easy to miss an update from someone you’re following if you are following many others and vice versa.

A content strategy
Content strategies apply to all areas of your business whether it’s filling your websites internal pages with fresh words & images or designing an email that will impress. Promoting your businesses activity is a great way to show the recipient that you are active & constantly adapting, offering new services or products and staying with the times. Special offers are great and definitely recommended but decide on a layout and have different sections offering new informative, which will hopefully engage the user. Image rich emails look great but these may not be displayed properly on certain browsers, so make sure the text is enough to boost engagement.

It’s not all about competitions
If you’re running a competition, that’s great but if you’re not that’s fine too, as emails don’t have to contain some kind of offer or prize. That’s kind of bordering on spam anyway. If you have relevant informative news to share presented in an attractive and engaging way then that’s enough to get the user interested in what you’re about and what you’re saying. You don’t have to offer them the chance to get something for free to be interested.

Choose your title wisely

There are certain tools available that can help you determine how many recipients are opening your emails, which can help you judge whether the title of your email is doing it’s job. If your title looks spammy or just doesn’t encourage the recipient to open the email then you’ve wasted time filling the email with all that good stuff. This is one of the most important parts of creating emails, so make sure you take plenty of time listing and deciding what your email title will be. The chances are that if you title it something like ‘Your chance to win this new…’ or ‘Our latest newsletter’ or ‘Winter news 2013’ or something just as uninteresting then the user will no doubt not even look at it. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to get round this and it may simply come down to trial and error & observing how many get opened with certain titles.

Don’t get spammy
The single worst thing you can do with any email campaign whether it be social media orientated or not, is to fill with irrelevant content, which is not engaging and generally boring. If you don’t have a plan of action or any new items or info to share then it’s probably best you don’t send any emails at all until you have a strategy in place.


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