Using customer reviews to improve your conversions

Customer reviews should not be overlooked. According to Business Week, 70% of purchases are made after the consumer has looked at the reviews and ratings. Therefore ignoring the reviews you receive could be impacting on the potential of your business.

Reviews could not only improve conversions, but they can also benefit the SEO. They add new content and details that are not already on the site. Keyword searches would also be attracted to the reviews and site, and so conversion rates could increase considerably. If managed and implemented correctly, the reviews given to your site could increase conversion by approximately 20% (Bazaarvoice).

Don’t forget that all reviews are important. Even the bad ones! Don’t lose heart if you get poor reviews. If consumers can see you have a mix of fantastic, good and bad reviews it gives a more realistic portray of the company. However, if you are getting more than 1 in 4 bad reviews, it may be a good idea to have another look at your customer service. Always listen to the bad reviews. You can learn and adapt accordingly to this feedback, and good service with good products will be rewarded with positive reviews.

Managing your reviews is vital to improve conversion rates. Ensure your reviewing system includes a star rating for separate matters such as quality, service and delivery, with an overall rating to be shown at the top of the review. This captures attention and is easy to recognize. Send an email around 2 weeks after delivery of the item (post purchase emails) to encourage reviews, taking the consumer back to the site. Using a third party review system such as Feefo will help to manage the reviewing process from the beginning of the purchase to the content of the site which is indexed by the search engine. This filters reviews based on actual purchases so builds trust.

Reviews are exceptionally important – it isn’t worth ignoring them when they could benefit your conversions, SEO and help progress your company to be the best that it can be.