‘Use this one weird SEO trick to rank highly’ – debunking the myths

SEO is an art. It’s not something that you can just be good at magically, nor is it something that you should try and ‘trick’ into achieving success, as eventually, that will come around and bite you on the bum. Here are some tricks you should definitely avoid.

Spammy Guest Blogging

2014 was the year that Matt Cutts at Google said no to guest posting. Well, what he actually said was; ‘If you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop’.

This isn’t to say that all guest posts are bad, but if you’re using one to get a link and not to inform someone somewhere of something they need to know, just stop it. Guest posts are about PR, not about link building. Links should be high quality, not high quantity gained from random posts across the web.

Optimised Anchor Text

Another tip from way back was to use optimised anchors, but this has fallen into disrepute. An optimised anchor is anchor text which uses the keywords that you want to rank for. So if you wanted to rank for giant orange badgers, it would use the text giant orange badgers and link to the site. You can still use anchor text, but it’s better to use naked URLS like https://www.elementarydigital.co.uk/ or try Elementary instead.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the king of no nos. If you need to add your keyword to your site, do it through adding more useful, linkable content instead of create a post which is meaningless to the human eye.

SEO isn’t about tricks to get to the top. It’s about having a clear, long term strategy that will enhance your site, making users want to visit instead of manipulating them into coming. Gimmicks and trying ‘one weird trick’ will damage your online reputation if you’re not careful.

Author Gyles Seward

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