Uploading PDF Files To Your WordPress Site

Uploading PDF Files To Your WordPress Site

Johnny Greaves

One of the great things that you can do with WordPress is add PDFs to your site. This is great for those sites who want to share documents with their visitors and let them download files. PDFs are easy to use, and this format can mean that people cannot edit what you have written. There are a few different ways that you can upload PDFs, so it can get quite confusing. In this post we are going to take you through how to upload PDF files to your WordPress site so keep reading to find out more.

Using WordPress Posts and Pages

The first way that you can upload PDFs can be done without having to install any sort of plugins. You’ll need to choose the page or post that you want to upload the PDF onto and choose ‘edit’. From the edit screen, you can select the ‘add media’ button. From here, you can use the media uploader to choose the file that you want to be uploaded. Once these are uploaded a thumbnail preview will be displayed and it is here that you can put in in the title, caption and description of the file. You can also choose how you want it to be linked. Hit the Insert Into Post button and this will add the PDF file to the article. In the post editor, you will not find the PDF file download link.

You will now have successfully uploaded your PDF file to your WordPress blog!

Embed a PDF File in WordPress

With this process, you will be able to display the PDF file in the WordPress post with a WordPress plugin.

The first stage is to install the plugin Google Doc Embedder, then you can configure the plugin settings over on the GDE Settings tab. This is where you can toggle with your settings such as height, width and language, although you will probably want to just stick with the default options.

Visit the page where you want to embed this PDF file and on the post edit screen you will need to choose the Add Media button. This will upload your PDF document for you. Once you have done this, you must copy the file URL and shut down the media uploader. This has to be done without inserting the file into the post.

Hit the Google Docs Embedder in the WordPress post editor and this will generate a popup where you can paste in the PDF file URL. Insert this in and then you will then notice the shortcode added to the WordPress post editor. If you choose to, you can carry on editing your post or you can choose to go ahead and publish it.

You can also use this plugin to embed other documents into your WordPress website.

Johnny Greaves

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