Twitter Cards: the technical bit


Twitter Cards have been around for a couple of years now. In a previous post, I gave you an overview of them and looked briefly at how to use them. Basically, Twitter Cards is an API which adds meta tags to your pages to allow links to your site to be more informative. It only takes five minutes and can increase the professional look of your content on Twitter.

Now I’m going to clarify the process, so that you can start to use Twitter Cards easily on your site.

Select the Card type you want, add the code to your site and then visit Twitter’s Validator Tool. Add the URL and Twitter will populate the relevant fields for you to create the code. This will not only create the HTML you need but will also show you a preview of how it will look when it is generated on Twitter. Once this has generated, post the code in the HEAD section of your site.

This Card needs to be approved to use the Twitter Card. Each type of Card requires separate approval. To get approval, you need to go back to the page with the generated code on it and then click the validate and apply tab. Paste the URL of the page with the meta data on it, click ‘Go!’ and then you need to ‘Request Approval’. You’ll be asked to enter some basic data about the domain, and then you’ll be shown a message that says it will take a few weeks to gain approval. Actually, it takes minutes, or a few days for video content.

Once you have received approval, you’ll see that the Twitter Cards begin to populate your feed, with links to your site popping up with more informative and engaging content to help drive traffic to your site.


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