Top Tips for WordPress Beginners


You might be just starting out with WordPress, with your first site all planned out. We’ve all been there. To help you out, we’ve come up with some tips and tricks that every WordPress newbie should know.

Don’t put off the launch until it is perfect

If you keep waiting and adjusting to make your site perfect, you can be waiting forever. You should really get the launch out of the way when you’re 90% of the way there. This means you can start getting data and feedback from the off, so that you know that the tweaks that you are making to get it perfect are going to go down well with your users.

Security of your domain and hosting is very important

Make sure that your domain and hosting is in your name or your business name and not that of your web developer. It makes it easier in the long run and helps you to keep a firm grip on all of your online assets.

There are a number of must have plugins that you should use to ensure that your site is secure, that stop hackers being able to access your account through brute force or sly cracks. Keep everything up to date, including the WordPress installation as these are updated to keep everything locked up tight.

Testing, testing, one, two, three

You should be on the ball with your site. Go and explore it, have a look around. Check that all of the links work, that you can easily navigate, that all of the content is up to scratch, that all of the lorem ipsum has been replaced with real copy. Try adding posts to your blog, check out the plugins that have been installed. Your web developer should have a backup if you employed a good one, so get in there and have a play around. If something breaks, well, that’s what backups are for, and you may find a bug in the system before one of your customers does and you end up losing a sale.

Keep plugin numbers to a minimum

WordPress plugins are great as they give your site some much needed customisation, but less is more. Make sure that if you have downloaded a plugin that you are using it to its full extent and that you really need it on your site. If it’s frivolous, let it go.

Cluttered sidebars?

You don’t need to have everything all up in the sidebars. Keep them relatively clear, with distractions kept to a minimum.

Constant content

You need to get everything out there for it to have an impact. Don’t keep content locked away in draft form, get it out there for people to see. You can edit it later if you must, but there’s no point in waiting for perfection. People want to see what you are doing, so let them have it!

Can you think of any other tips that you wish you’d known when you started on your first WordPress site?


Author Gyles Seward

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