Top tips for using Twitter for small businesses

Twitter is a useful tool to promote your business, and with around 200 million regular users worldwide, there is nothing to stop your business reaching the global market. Here are the first few easy steps:

First things first: You have to start tweeting about the business (this may be obvious, I know). Tweet about the people who run it, the products you sell or what you can offer to the customer, how things are done or made… Be human – the more often you can tweet, the more you are publicising your company. This will build loyalty and trust.

Talk to the people you need to: If you’re running a bakery, follow other bakers. It will encourage more connections from those who are passionate about what your business sells. If you show the network of your business – where things come from, where you started – you make it easier for others to identify with.

Tweet pictures: Lots of pictures! It makes you and the business more real. This is very useful, especially if your business offers a product that the users of twitter can buy. It builds a connection between the business’ twitter account and the site or the shop.

Make use of the response to your business: All tweets about or to your business (even the negative ones) are opportunities to create something positive. If you receive negative comments, you have to acknowledge that they are at least spending time on your business. Make your reply direct to the person making the complaint by using @ right at the start of the tweet. The public can see you’re recognising the problem, and attempting to rectify it. You can then use DM (direct messaging) to try and solve the problem.

Bring the business to the people. Twitter may seem daunting, but it is quick and easy to use, and a brilliant way to promote your business. Put the 140 character limit to good use and start tweeting!