Top Tips For Testing PPC Adverts


Your PPC strategy can really benefit from testing different adverts in your Google Adwords. It can help improve your Google Quality Score and help drive better converting traffic to your website, but what are the best ways to test your PPC adverts? Elementary have put together a few top tips for testing your PPC adverts.

  1. Include the search query your advert: Make the advert as relevant as possible to what the customer is looking for, as well as helping with your Google Quality Score. The search query will also appear in bold in the search page, helping to stand out better.
  2. Use conversion tracking: Measure your conversion rate by advert using conversion tracking such as Google Adwords. Click through rate is key measure in testing, but don’t forget on your end goal.
  3. Google best practice: Use the Google best practice guidelines to improve your PPC adverts. They suggest using three to five adverts love in an ad group at any one time.
  4. Google’s free tools: Use Google “auto optimise” rather than “even rotate” if you are short of time, or for lower volume areas. This can be optimised to click through rate or conversion, and ensures the best performing advert gets served more over time.
  5. Your landing page: Your landing page needs to be consistent with your advert, as Google’s Quality Score algorithms will take its relevancy into consideration, it also needs to display the search query prominently. An irrelevant landing page can lead to higher bounce rates, which will therefore waste your PPC budget.
  6. Use all your data: Use all the data you have to hand to determine the type of keyword to test and tailor your messages to.
  7. Keep your testing organised: Don’t test a range of things across several keywords all at the same time; make it easier for yourself by keeping one benchmark advert in place. Use this to test your all other adverts, just don’t forget what date you started the test and which ad is your benchmark advert!
  8. Google’s format: Google’s ad format offers a range of several enhancements for you to use, such as extended headlines, click to call mobile adverts, product extensions and site links.
  9. Further testing: Don’t just test your keywords, look at what your competitors are doing in their messaging, whether their claims are better than yours or not – and if not, test using your pricing! Test your call to action, for example compare how “buy now” and “compare prices now” work. These need to be testing throughout the year, particularly around Christmas.