Top SEO Tools


There are many tools out there to help websites improve their SEO strategy. From link building tools to on-site optimisation analysis, there is a wealth of great tools developers and companies have made for websites to use. We have picked some of our favourite tools below:

  • Ahrefs – this is a great tool to analyse your back-link profile and discover new links that you might be able to obtain to your website. This tool is impressively up to date with back-links a domain name has going into it. It also has a nice layout showing the anchor-text distribution, external links, new/lost links, social statistics and many more interesting pieces of data that can help you understand your own websites presence online. It is also worth nothing that this tool has an SEO report feature and a mentions tracker (very good for tracking a brand online). To use this tool go to
  • MOZ – this is a great website that offers a wide range of SEO tools for its users. We really liked the ‘campaign’ feature where you can add your website and on a regular basis it crawls the website for on-site issues. It crawls websites looking for issues such as 404 pages, duplicate content, re-directs and lack of optimisation (such as missing META data). This tool can be invaluable to keep track of the state of your website, we totally recommend it. There is also a very useful forum on this website where you can ask and answer SEO related questions, it is a great digital community to be interacting with. To find out more go to
  • Link Research tools – this is a great tool to use if you have been penalised by search engines for a bad back-link profile. Link research tools goes through links to your website and categorises them as toxic, risky, healthy, etc. This can be a fantastic tool to use if you have thousands of links to audit and find it impossible to do manually. They have a very clever and sophisticated algorithm to categorise the links. To find out more go to

You are really spoilt for choice with SEO tools that have been developed in recent years and it can also be good to make your own tools to suit your own SEO needs.