Top Pinterest SEO Tips to Set You Up For Success

Top Pinterest SEO Tips to Set You Up For Success


In recent years, Pinterest has developed into one of the most profitable social media channels. Pinterest now boasts more than 150 million monthly users and offers a refreshing alternative to other social media channels like Facebook.

For many marketers, Pinterest still represents something of an untapped opportunity within the SEO industry.  One of the most interesting aspects of Pinterest is that it provides ample room for storytelling and creativity.  The idea of ‘discovery’ is central to the Pinterest platform and for marketers. Pinterest offers great value as an alternative search marketing channel.

One of the most interesting things about this alternative social media platform is that it is underpinned by a search engine feature.  We all know, where there is a search engine, there is an opportunity for optimisation.

There are some important distinctions you need to be aware of regarding SEO optimisation on Pinterest.  Check out our top tips for SEO success below.

Optimise Your Profile

Before you get pinning, you can optimise your profile and pick the right username to reflect your brand.  This is easily done through your settings.  Your username should reflect your personality and the URL will serve as your personal keyword.  This means it should be clear and direct.

Optimise Your Boards

All of your Pinterest boards should be appealing and well organised.  You should place emphasis on both the title of your boards, as well as the images of your boards.  From an SEO point of view, it’s important for you to imagine yourself as a user when choosing the title for your boards.  While a clever and witty title may sound great, you need to optimise your titles if you want them to be discovered by other Pinners.

Optimise Pins

Every pin is a representation of your overall profile.  This means you need to optimise your pins as much as possible.  Search engines will find it easier to pick up your pins if you use detailed description.

Focus On Meaningful Descriptions

Not every Pinterest user will spend the right amount of time on writing the description of a pin.  The more specific and thoughtful you can be, the more likely it will perform well.  Make sure to add all the details that help describe your chosen image.

Avoid Hashtags

It’s important not to just drop in hashtags or keywords.  Make sure to set a scene with your words.  This is the way you can captivate Pinners.

Make Sure to Complete Keyword Research

One of the easiest ways to find effective keywords for your pins is to perform extended Pinterest searches on your own.  Make sure to test out how searching works for this platform.  How do the results show up? It’s important to understand how both the boards and the pinners are organised to gain a better understanding of how the platform works.

Verify Your Website

On this platform, a verified website tends to be prioritised during search results.  A verified user will enjoy increased authority, which in time will translate to a higher ranking on searches.

How did you optimise your Pinterest account?  Let us know in the comments below.