Top E-commerce Platforms in 2015: the year of Magento

Top E-commerce Platforms in 2015: the year of Magento


With increasing numbers of people shopping online and Britain being at the forefront of online sales in the world, 2015 is the year for e-commerce. You may be thinking about how you are going to set up your own online store and be looking at all of the different platforms for this and feeling a little bit stumped. Our guide to the leading free sales solutions will hopefully help you on your journey.


OpenCart is a PHP-based sales platform with a number of payment gateways and lots of shipping methods included in the default downloads. There are options for multiple store and lots of themes to choose from. However, reviews of OpenCart often point out the issues that users can sometimes face with little help available if anything goes wrong.

Drupal Commerce

Built on the Drupal content management system, Drupal Commerce lets you add additional functionality to the CMS allowing you to sell products, manage your shopping cart system and offers integration into payment gateways, accounting software and social media. However, as this software is an extension to Drupal and not written specifically for e-commerce, it can feel a little like an addendum and not a platform in its own right.

Magento Community Edition

Magento Community Edition is the free version of their world-leading e-commerce platform. The Magento Connect marketplace allows you to add additional functionality through thousands of extensions and with 200,000 sites including some of the world’s biggest brands using it, there is a wealth of help available from some of the world’s leading Magento experts.


Much like Drupal Commerce, WooComerce is an add-on, this time to the WordPress platform. It has a large number of users but suffers some of the similar issues that Drupal Commerce faces.

Elementary Digital has worked with a number of platforms, but after much tinkering and testing, realised that Magento was the best option all round. To find out what Magento can do for you, get in touch today.






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