Top 4 Free CRO tools for A/B testing

Top 4 Free CRO tools for A/B testing


There’s more to building an audience than just driving traffic to your website. Next up after managing to lure in your audience is working on your conversion rate optimisation to ensure that the people that are visiting your page are carrying out the task that you want them to.

But how can you optimise your pages and boost your CRO? Through A/B testing.

What is A/B Testing?

In very simple term, A/B testing shows visitors to your site two versions of a page, version A and version B. In reality, you probably won’t show all your traffic the multiple new versions, as you might not want to scare away returning customers with multiple versions of your site! If you use more than two versions; an A, B, C etc, then this is known as multivariate testing.

What are the Best Tools for A/B Testing?

We’ve tried an assortment of A/B testing tool at Elementary Digital and we think we’ve discovered the best ones.


One of the most popular tools out there is Optimizely. It’s really lightweight, merely requiring one line of code extra on your site. You can then change a whole slew on on-page elements on your site in the test. You can start off with copy changes all the way up to dramatic changes to your page layouts very easily.

Optimizely lets you segment traffic from a range of sources or however you see fit so that you can really drill down into the results. You can also use the previous test and turn it into another test, really getting to the bottom of what it is that people are responding well to on your site.

Google Analytics Content Experiments

You probably already have Google Analytics on your site (or at least you really should do) as it’s the number one web analytics tool available to you for free. Within GA itself, there is a built in testing tool.

Content Experiments is the name of Google’s A/B testing kit and is often overlooked but it’s a fine tool for basic A/B testing, splitting your traffic in two and letting you know which version performs better.

Visual Website Optimizer – Test Duration Calculator

You really need to have a head for numbers when you’re A/B testing but not everyone does. Instead of worry about the figures too much, you can use this calculator which will help you to work out your testing window will be once you’ve added your variables.

This tool is really handy if you are working on client work and they want to know when they can expect to find out the results.

Nelio AB Testing

If you’re using WordPress, then this handy little plugin will help you to A/B test your traffic. Great for if you’re trying out a new theme and want to see how your audience respond. This plugin is easy to install and understand as part of your WordPress dashboard and helpfully integrated to your site so that you can run the more successful version immediately.