Is it time to redesign your website?


You might be happy with your old website, still cool with the design that you have done five years ago, after all, you’re still in business, right? It can’t be that bad. However, it might not be working as well as it should. Leads may have started to dip, visitor number may have started to drop off and your blog posts may be going unread. It might be time to consider changing your website if you’re beginning to suspect that your site just isn’t pulling its weight.

Five signs it’s time to redesign your website

  1. If your business focus has changed, with new services or deleted products then it’s definitely time for an update to make sure that you and your company are properly represented by your website.
  1. If your visitor numbers have dropped off or you have a high bounce rate then you should really consider a website redesign. Through producing new content, you can reinvigorate your users and stop people from disappearing as soon as your page appears.
  1. You should check your analytics for repeat visitors. If you’re not getting them it could be because the initial visit wasn’t enough to make you stick in people’s minds. Keep your content updated on a regular basis to make sure that people want to visit again and again.
  1. If your website is the same as everyone else’s, then people won’t be interested. For example, your ‘About Us’ page needs to really show who you are as a company to demonstrate to your visitors that you can really give them what they want.
  1. Keep your website on brand with all of your marketing materials. Keeping a consistent brand will help people feel confident they’re in the right place when they find you.

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