Things to know about Facebook’s graph search


“What’s Graph Search?” I hear you ask. To put it simply, it is a search engine to find people you might want to know, or people that you have known in the past.

Previously, you could search directly for a name. This was useful, but potentially could show 100 people that aren’t that one person you were looking for. Graph Search allows you to somewhat narrow down your search. If you are looking for John Smith who graduated University of Leeds in 2010, you would input “People named John Smith who graduated from University of Leeds in 2010”. Simple, isn’t it? If the searches come up with nothing from Facebook, you will be given the closest match from Bing.

Graph Search can also be used more broadly, allowing you to search for people who you may not know but have similar interests. If you want to play 11 a side football, but only have 8 players, you can search “Friends of friends interested in football who live in [town] area”. Alternatively, search those who have the Simpsons Tapped Out app so you can become their newest neighbours.

Find photos that you want to see again by searching “Photos of [friend] from holiday”, or “Photos I like”.  The search will show all the photos from when you first joined Facebook. To discover new information or people there is the option to click the “Discover something new” button. The information you have given to Graph Search will then be considered and it will show you something which may appeal to the details you have given Facebook about yourself.

Facebook allows you to enter as much or as little information as you want onto your own page to control which details about you people can search for. Graph Search is now available to users in the UK. Have a go for yourself and see what (or who) you can discover.