Things to consider in developing a mobile website


The growth of mobile browsing in the last two years has been nothing more than exponential and it’s not looking like its going to slow down. With this in mind it’s never been more important to have a website that works on mobile devices. We’re looking at more and more mobile website design jobs at Elementary Digital everyday and through the conversation we’ve been having we thought we’d share with you some tips when developing a dedicated mobile website.

  • Think macro, not micro – whilst you have on average 3.5″ to play with it doesn’t mean there has been any loss of experience. Instead think about the most important elements that need to be featured and then using a pen and piece of paper sketch out how those pieces could be positioned on a small screen. We recommend collapsable menu’s if you must have more than one level of navigation, but remember it’s likely if someone is using a mobile they’re on the move and you should make the experience as clean and un-cluttered as possible
  • File sizes – whilst 4g promises to revolutionise how we view the web on a mobile it’s still in its infancy in terms of rollout so for now stick to 3g speeds. This means you need to reduce the file sizes from the existing website and create templates that will quickly load and hold if there a break in signal
  • The user journey – as we’ve touched on stack the menu, use collapsable navigation if needed and make the buttons big and easy to use
  • Simplify content – this might be more of a challenge but try featuring summaries that explain the pages content than full content, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to constantly scroll for content. By adding in a ‘mobile excerpt’ layer into your cms (easy to do in WordPress) you can serve content in a more easy to use way
  • Don’t forget to promote yourself – removing elements could mean you lose some of the experience, ensure your brand doesn’t lose its presence, subtly feature it throughout.

An essential element of any website, whether your considering responsive or mobile Elementary Digital can help you scope and build your site.