The WordPress REST API: Key Users

The WordPress REST API: Key Users

There has never been a better time to be a developer.

Building themes and plugins and apps is no longer a question of ‘how’ to get started but rather ‘where’. That’s where WordPress comes in.

WordPress brought an eventful 2015 to a close with exciting news on its REST API.

It was around the same time we heard they now power 1/4 of the web that they announced the first stage of their REST API merge to the core was complete—kicking off celebrations for WP developers the world over.

The celebrations took the shape of theme and plugin developers getting to work building new APIs using the infrastructure now in the core. We’re already seeing great things come as a result of it—setting the stage nicely for the next phase of merging the endpoints.

But the applications of the REST API don’t start and end here. Many companies and developers are putting the REST API to use externally, in such roles as creating mobile apps and embeddable widgets, and supporting the backend of iOS and Android apps.

It’s definitely an exciting time for developers and—albeit unwittingly—users, so we thought we’d take a snapshot of the current landscape to see exactly how and where the REST API is being put into use.

Human Made

Human Made is using the REST API in their client projects; one great example of which being Nomad Base.

Nomad Base is a real-time map that tracks the movements of digital nomads the world over. It’s all done using the API through rendering via React/Leaf, and at the moment has around half a million data points from various social platforms to help track past, present and future travels of nomads.

Join In

A UK organisation focusing on matching volunteers up with projects, Join UK has employed WordPress’s API in creating an embeddable JS widget.

Modern Tribe

Modern Tribe, a fully remote digital agency, is building sites that use the REST API to power both Handlebars and full page React templates in themes.

Reactor Apps

Reactor is an app builder platform that uses the REST API in creating flexible mobile apps which are supported by the API themselves.

Aesop Interactive

Aesop Interactive are doing some very interesting things using the API with Lasso and also in powering the WP Live Search plugin.

Code Cavalry

Code Cavalry is a place where WP users and developers can get code help for as little as a $1. The site is built on AngularJS and the REST API.

Story Corps

In a nutshell, StoryCorps is a social network for sharing family stories—building on the popular StoryCorps segment on NPR. It uses the REST API to power the site and support all the backend content of their iOS and Android apps.

The WordPress REST API is driving WP towards being the go-to platform for all web development needs. With such a move we are set to see a transformation in not only how we interact with WP, but how we interact with the world wide web.

Author John Hewick

John is a full stack developer, with 10 years’ experience building websites with WordPress. Working with Elementary Digital for the last 4 years John has met all the challenges that have been sent his way.

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