The WordPress Community in 2016 – What will happen next?

The WordPress Community in 2016 – What will happen next?

Andy Holland

2015 was a big year for anyone working with WordPress. The REST API merging with the core was great news, although rather worrisome if you’re not the world’s biggest fan of JavaScript, and there was #wpdrama for anyone with llama-like tendencies who wanted to watch a fight between Chris Pearson and Matt Mullenweg which sort of spiralled out of control.


The #wpdrama back in summer 2015 was the cause of much emotional handwringing on both sides of the debate. Dealing with issues of copyright and who has the power over the WordPress community felt like it could potentially cause rifts in the WordPress community that would have long-lasting consequences. Thankfully, it blew over as fast as it appeared and everyone seems to be friends again, working together, sharing code and looking out for what is best for the community as a whole.

There are lots of upcoming changes in the year ahead, thanks to the REST API. The new influx of people who will come into the fold with the new changes to the WordPress core are expected to have a big impact on the community. They’ll have new ideas, new expectations and new ways of doing things. We can expect people from enterprise background, not sure about the community’s open source ethos, as well as new developers not used to working with the WordPress core.

However, the WordPress community has proved itself resilient, and while WordPress may see a wobble in the coming months with the huge changes afoot, the community will only grow better as it grows bigger.