The rise of mobile browsing in 2013


With mobile devices getting more & more advanced as the days go by, it’s not surprising that a hefty percentage of everyday browsing is being done on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This is the main reason why Responsive Web Design has taken off so successfully, as this allows the website to ‘respond’ to the screen size of the device users are using and automatically optimizes the site layout depending upon this. However, this hasn’t killed off separate mobile sites, as they are also gaining popularity.

Mobile devices
As technology moves on and better software is created more devices make an appearance on the tech market. When it comes to tablets, Apple are obviously leading the race by far, as there are very few (if any) competitors who offer something similar when it comes to usability, performance and style. Apple’s innovation has increased the popularity of their products helping them to also take the lead in the smartphone market, well, almost anyway. The smartphone market is by far the most competitive out of the two and there are some very successful companies constantly competing against each other leading to impressive growth and constant development. This development keeps web developers on their toes and rightly so, as there is no point having a website unless you are going to keep it current when it comes to usability. Samsung, Sony & HTC are the main competitors of Apple and each offer their own unique browsing experience and power that will help to launch mobile browsing into the future.

Site usability
If your site isn’t mobile ready then chances are that user’s won’t have a very fun time navigating & using your site. If it doesn’t display properly on certain devices then you will have a problem, as this will put users off. If it doesn’t work properly then that’s an even bigger problem because even if a user doesn’t care about how it looks, if they can’t do what they want to do then no one can help them. Unless of course, you decide to optimize your site for mobile browsing whether you go for a responsive site or go full out and get separate sites to suit each device. The choice is yours.

The stats
It is said that mobile browsing has tripled in the past couple of years and has now increased to as high as 13.2% for all overall searches through all devices including desktops. This figure was released by Net Applications based in California who monitored activity across forty thousand websites. This evidence gives excellent insight into how many people potentially use mobile browsing instead of desktop computers, laptops & notebooks. Depending what you use them for, mobile devices can be much more practical and convenient, which means that many users have chosen to skip computers completely and simply buy a smartphone or tablet.

By looking at the evidence and using mobile devices to browse the net ourselves, we are sure that it will only get more popular during 2014, so if your site isn’t already optimized for mobile, get it done so you don’t miss out.