The Penguins are Coming!

The Penguins are Coming!


Well, no not all the penguins. Just one, but it is one that can strike fear in the hearts of SEO specialists and marketers alike. The Google Penguin algorithm has been staid for the past year but with plenty of chatter and gossip about it being up for an update soon.

Well, that time is coming to pass, as confirmed by Google’s Gary Illes. Sometime between now and New Year’s Eve, an update will be released. Maybe it will be in time for Christmas like John Lewis’s Monty last year.

Google Penguin is the algorithm that deals with black-hat SEO techniques such as link manipulation in a no-holds-barred kind of way. The update is thought to be one which will carry on rolling like the changes to the Google Panda algorithm. The change will be in the internal testing stage at Google

HQ right now, ready to be sprung on an unprepared populous of worried webmasters. With the festive period just around the corner and Cyber Monday coming up quickly, some site owners will be terrified that their back catalogue of links which include a number of less salubrious ones might start to cause issues.

A rolling update means that there shouldn’t be the same drastic changes that some algorithm updates have had, although as this is an unconfirmed rumour at this point, we wouldn’t like to make definitive statements.

Either way, are you ready for the coming update?