The Importance of Social Logins for Your Magento Store

The Importance of Social Logins for Your Magento Store


Social networks are fantastic. They let like-minded people come together to hang out online with both their friends and new people from different communities around the world. Social networking has become an everyday part of life with everyone from kids to grandparents using social media in one form or another to connect and communicate. This is why businesses need to be making the most of social media to try to engage with customers. Social networks are where people hang out – you need to be getting noticed in this arena!

Social media should be a priority for any business as it is an easy way to get connected with people and to share your content with them. By growing a strong online presence through social media, you can communicate with customers easily, quickly, and help cement your brand reputation.

Social media logins can enhance your Magento site in a number of ways. By allowing social media logins, you can skip the hassle of having customers create a new username and password. It can save customers time having to input address details. Anything that is convenient for the customer will help you to make more sales. With social media login, whether through Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, customers will feel more at ease on your site.

Facebook is the most popular choice for social media logins, with 44% of social media logins using this platform. Google+ is a close second at 37%, with Twitter coming in third at 6%.

Using a social login extension such as Magento Social will help your business by making your site more convenient to use for your customers.

What else do you do to help improve customer confidence on your site? Ideas on a postcard please (or in the handy comments section below!).