The importance of content marketing in 2013 and beyond


Great for Search Engines
The panda update made it quite clear that Google values great content & is proof that unique, well written copy can benefit your websites performance when ranking for certain terms. If your website is lacking content and looks a bit thin then you will lose out compared to those sites that look lovely & healthy, which is why you should make it a priority to fill each page with relevant info.

Improves user experience
There’s nothing worse than getting to a website or social profile and seeing very little or even no content. This lack of content not only looks unprofessional but also leaves the user searching for more info whether it’s on a product or service. User patience isn’t known to last long, so you can expect that they won’t hang around. This is why it’s very important to grab their attention while you can and show them that you want their business more than anyone else by giving them as much useful information as possible while presenting it well. Presentation of this content is also important, as you will want easy to read copy with facts & the more helpful info up first. Images and & video are also highly recommended, as these may get your message across much faster than text ever could. However, make sure that images are of professional quality and not taken on your phone, as this just looks unprofessional. If you really want to incorporate ‘phone photos’ within your campaign then a platform like Instagram is where you’ll want to be, as well as everywhere else.

Can help the conversion rate
Whether you’re sharing great content on your social profiles or focusing on filling your website with great content, this will help your conversion rate by encouraging users to go through with a sale by presenting them with clear, informative content. It has to be relevant, so don’t waste time talking about subjects that aren’t relevant to your brand or business. If a user is presented with as much information about a product or service in an attractive way then you will stand the best chance of satisfying their need for info & hopefully leave them with no more questions to ask. However, it is ultimately up to the user to decide whether or not to convert, so don’t expect that you will convert every visit, as no matter how well your website is presented, there is never 100% conversion. We all like to do a bit of window shopping online, so focus on creating that content and keep an eye on analytics for any other ways to improve user experience.

Better quality score for PPC
Paid advertising such as Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) also values great content, primarily on the landing pages that the add directs the user to. Giving your landing page a nice amount of content will make it look healthy and very informative in Google’s eyes. It will see that the user will be heading to a destination filled with info and this will boost your quality score helping your PPC campaign to become more successful. But it’s not only about boosting your quality score, providing great content for your PPC campaign will obviously help to engage the user and encourage a conversion where having little content may fail altogether.

Make sure it’s unique
We can’t stress this enough, any content that you use has to be unique and can’t appear anywhere else on the web. If writing your own content then you probably won’t have an issue so long as you make sure you right in your own way & make sure that any sources you are using don’t sound too similar. Copying content from elsewhere and rewording articles you’ve found is no good of course, so it’s down to you to make your own. If you’re no good at writing then you may have to get that content written for you. This is taking a certain amount of risk because the business or person who you pay may have spun it or copied it from elsewhere. The best way to double check any content you are given is to run it through a website like Copyscape, which helps to determine how unique the content of a URL is.

We have seen the effect of what good & bad content marketing has on online businesses in 2013, which is why it can only continue and become more important throughout 2014 and beyond.