The Importance Of Carrying Out A Thorough SEO Audit


As a highly dedicated webmaster you’ll probably understand the importance of anticipating and responding to the search engine updates. You’ll realise that it is absolutely essential to maintain clean code and produce original content in order to achieve top rankings. You might also know the importance of optimising website pages for mobile use. Of course it is possible to check the effectiveness of the different website elements during a comprehensive SEO audit.

Defining The SEO Audit

An SEO audit involves an inspection of every single aspect of your online profile. It is a means of identifying the successful and unsuccessful areas of your website. However, you should bear in mind that there is some variability in the scale of SEO audits. A basic weekly audit might involve the inspection of backlinks, page rankings, social media interaction and conversion rates. A thorough audit may be carried out quarterly and include the analysis of site speed, outbound links and bounce rates.

Checking Your Meta Tags

It would be sensible to create a list of the website areas that you want to check during the course of an SEO audit. You might start out by checking the title tags and meta descriptions on each page of your website. It is important to make sure that they don’t exceed the character length specified by the search engines. It would also be worth checking whether they include the keywords and phrases that you are targeting.

Inspecting Your URL’s

After inspecting the meta tags you might want to take a look at the URL’s for your different webpages. They should be properly optimised and contain the keywords that you are targeting. The individual words should be separated with hyphens. And the URL’s should be kept to maximum length of 255 characters.

Analysing Your Content

The next step of your SEO audit should involve a comprehensive review of the on-page content which is viewed by your online audience. You should make sure that the text on each page is fresh and original. If you’re particularly worried about duplicate content issues then it would be advisable to carry out a Copyscape check. You should also keep an eye out for grammatical errors. And make sure that your pages aren’t stuffed with keywords.

Examining Your Images

After reading through your website text it will be important to ascertain whether your images have been properly optimised. You should make sure that they have been tagged with accurate titles and descriptions. It would also be worth finding out whether the inclusion of high quality images has caused your page loading times to increase. If this is the case then you should use a programme such as Photoshop to make necessary adjustments.

Investigating Your Links

The next key phase of your SEO audit will be to closely inspect your link profile. You should ensure that your website has a comprehensive internal linking structure. It will also be important to find out whether there are any broken or outdated links to other websites. And you will want to ensure that all of your inbound links are of the highest quality. If you’re worried about the prospect of Google penalisation then it might be worth using the link disavow tool.

Using Website Auditing Tools

By now you will have a good idea of the issues that should be addressed during an SEO audit. However, you may feel that you lack the technical expertise to thoroughly analyse the various aspects of your website. Thankfully there are a range of tools which have been designed to simplify the process. If you want carry out a check for missing Google Analytics and Remarketing tags then it would worth using the GA checker. If you want a comprehensive list of suggestions for improvement then you should check out Woorank.

Enlisting Professional Help

If you’d like specialist assistance with your SEO audit then you should get in touch with Elementary Digital. We have access to a comprehensive range of auditing tools. And we are aware of the full range of website issues that should be addressed. You can count on us to make the necessary amendments to your meta tags, content headers and image files. We’ll even ensure that your social media profiles are properly optimised. And we’ll produce comprehensive reports based upon the data from analytics programmes. If you’d like to find out more then give us a call on 0113 3280664 today!