The Best WordPress Tutorials

The Best WordPress Tutorials


Isn’t WordPress brilliant? Not only is it the world’s leading content management system due to its fantastic customisability, security, and the ease of use, it’s also free – meaning that you can use it for anything from your own personal blog right through to a large scale business website.

As it’s such a great platform, there are many many ways in which you can play about with it to set it up just so for you to use. Lots of people have created tutorials to help you get to grips with the platform, whether you are an out-and-out beginner or if you’re looking of how to do something a little more technical.

We’ve hunted the recesses of the web to bring you some of the bets WordPress tutorials – ones that we’ve personally selected as being the best and most informative of all.


Beginner Tier

  1. WordPress – Getting Started

For the complete novice, this tutorial will show you everything you need to make a start with your WordPress site, from installation, to managing themes and plugins.

  1. WordPress Cheat Sheet

There’s lots of technical terms and jargon around, especially if you are new to the platform. To counter this, here is a handy cheat sheet so that you needn’t be perplexed when you come across a term you may not have heard before.

  1. Shortcodes – a complete guide

One of the handiest features of WordPress has been the shortcodes introduced back in version 2.5. Here’s a handy guide to how you can use them effectively.

  1. The beginner’s guide to WordPress SEO by Yoast

SEO is one of the most important aspects of any website so this beginner’s guide to one of the most loved SEO plugins will definitely help you with this.


Design Tier

  1. WordPress for designers

Everything you need to understand how to design a great looking WordPress site from Drew Douglass.

  1. How to create a photo album gallery in WordPress has a host of helpful tutorials, including this one on how to make a photo gallery without needing to download and add a plugin.

  1. How to get perfect blog images

Posts get more traction with images included, which is why we’ve included this tutorial on how to get the best ones.


Techniques Tier

  1. The complete guide to custom post types

You can build custom posts in WordPress incorporating a range of media. This tutorial gives you a rundown of how these can help you and your site.

  1. How to code a WordPress theme from scratch

Looking at making your site look truly unique and individual? Consider learning how to build your own WordPress theme from scratch with this tutorial.


Social Media Tier

  1. Integrate Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in WordPress

You’ll want to incorporate your social media channel into your site and this tutorial tells you how.

Do you use tutorials to help you out on your WordPress journey? Have you found any that have improved your WordPress game? Let us know in the comments below.