The Best WordPress Resources Roundup 2018

The Best WordPress Resources Roundup 2018

Adam Morgan

When it comes to using WordPress, you will be happy to hear that there is definitely a low barrier to deal with.  In fact, as long as you have design skills and a working knowledge of PHP, you can start seeing results with WordPress immediately.

If you’re looking to really succeed with WordPress, you’ll definitely need to become an over-achiever.  Why? Mainly because there are so many WordPress developers out there vying for the same clients as you.

Luckily, there is a tonne of information available, so you can easily move beyond the basics and start calling yourself a serious WordPress pro.  Here, we’re taking a look at some of the best WordPress resources you can access.

WordPress Codex

Every good developer needs to have a great working knowledge of the Codex.  This is essentially the WordPress Bible, so it is extremely important to lean.  Chances are you will have already used this handy resource without even realizing.

WP Beginner

Here, we’re starting off easy.  If you think you’ve already surpassed beginner level and are too good to read a beginner site, think again.  WP Beginner is the largest unofficial WordPress resource and is continuously updated every day, offering new how-tos and tutorials.  Even as an expert, you’ll likely come across some handy tips and tricks.

Tuts+ WordPress

If WP Beginner is a little too easy for you, then Tuts+ is the place for you.  Recently, this resource has gone full throttle and now offers advanced topics including using WordPress for specific web application development.

Otto on WordPress

This is definitely the place to go if you want to get stuck into the nitty and gritty if code.  A word of warning, this is an advanced resource, so you may feel a little out of your depth with this one.


This WordPress category features a brilliant stream of how-tos that receive regular updates.  You will also find helpful posts covering everything from Plugins You Might Want to Try to how to install WordPress locally.  This site is definitely worth a visit if you are currently looking for theme inspiration.

WordPress Development Stack Exchange

This is a brilliant question and answer site and the specific WordPress area gives programmers the ability to search through questions.  This is a great resource for those looking for a helping hand with frustrating code.  You also have the option to post a question of your own that other developers can then answer.


Reddit actually offers two dedicated subreddits – Pro WordPress and WordPress.  The Pro option is targeted specifically at advanced users and provides a platform for developers to exchange ideas.

You’re definitely not a full member of the WordPress community if you don’t have a subscription to this handy WordPress resource.

Tree House

This resource works similarly to Codeacademy in that it offers online classes.  Also, this site has built up a good collection of courses and offers a number of beginner’s courses.

Already using your favourite WordPress resources?  Let us know which ones would make the top of your 2018 roundup list in the comments section below.