The best SEO extensions for Magento

The best SEO extensions for Magento

Jem Henderson

Utilising MySQL and Zend PHP databases, Magento is a rapidly growing e-commerce platform. SEO extensions are vital tools to improve the visibility of any websites you create, through search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing. Here we list 10 excellent SEO extensions for Magento users.

MSemantic Basic

MSemantic Basic Extension simply adds all of the information from your e-commerce site, so a search engine will show information such as prices, availability and product images. This can offer up to a 30% improved click through rate for stores.

SEO Suite Enterprise

SEO Suite Enterprise Extension is designed to transform product tag URLS and RSS feed URLS into search engine friendly formats. Combining all the necessary SEO features, this popular extension offers successful search engine promotion for Magento web stores.

SEO Suite Pro

The SEO Suite Pro Extension adds canonical URL and robot meta tags to the HTML head section of every Magento page. This feature helps to avoid caching duplicate content pages and also pages without content. It also creates user friendly URLs of RSS feed URLs and product tag URLs, so that instead of instead of default Magento ones such as, you will see ones such as .

SEO Layered Navigation

This extension makes URL navigation SEO friendly. SEO layered navigation improves your web store’s search engine rankings and will also auto generate meta titles for each page.


Use this extension to add a noindex which will use meta tags to stop the indexing of search result pages. It will also stop the indexing of no content pages, login pages and register pages. Yoast MetaRobots also stops the indexing of your feeds.

Extended Sitemap

Replacing the default Magento Google sitemap with auto generated XML sitemap, Extended Sitemap offers advanced functionality to improve the user experience. It will display the product catalog categories and all other CMS pages with a hierarchical structure.

Canonical URL for Magento

Canonical URLs for Magento Extension adds new canonical links to the head of your Magento pages to stop the creation of duplicate content URLs.

Sonassi Sitemap Chunk

Sonassi Sitemap Chunk can create and replace up to 40,000 URLs for Google Webmaster Tools by creating multiple sitemaps.


Adding the manufacturer name to your product pages, customizing canonical URLs and creating customizable titles and meta tags for product pages and/or category pages, SEOgento will boost your pages ranking without the need for code changes.

Ultimate SEO Suite by Ahead Works

Finally, if you have created a site with multiple pages that have the same content, your pages’ ranking will be negatively affected. Using the Ultimate SEO Suite extension adds canonical links to the head of each product page, meaning search engines will refer to this canonical URL for unique content.

Search Engine Optimization is key to any e-commerce store, so ensure you are using the best tools available to you to improve your visibility and – vitally –boost your traffic!