The Best Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers

The Best Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers

Stuart Holmes

Photoshop is still the number one design tool that all designers must learn to master. Already a powerful application, Photoshop can be further expanded thanks to a number of handy tools.
For web designers, using plugins means that the work can be done faster and with more ease, increasing productivity and streamlining workflow. Here is our handpicked list of valuable Photoshop plugins to help web designers boost productivity


This free plugin instantly turns any photoshop layer into CSS3. A huge benefit is that it helps iron out any annoying issues you have with sizing, colouring in naming your CSS elements. It does this by giving you the exact size of the layer in CSS3 codes, the font-size and family of your design element. All you need to do is copy and paste the code into your CSS code editor.

Suitcase Fusion 6

The latest reincarnation of Suitcase Fusion has rewritten its panels in HTML 5 making it faster and more stable. Features include a new fontspiration panel, filled with examples of art created by Extensis and type experts. Keep all your fonts organised and within reaching distance, compare them side-by-side and preview appearances.

Divine Elemente

Divine Elemente is a handy tool that bridges the gap between Photoshop and WordPress by turning PSD templates into WordPress ready themes. There is absolutely no HTML skills required and offers great flexibility to bloggers who are also enthusiastic designers. The Themes portal on the Diving Elemente website gives you the chance to sell or share your themes. This can be a profitable business if you have got an eye for creating beautiful themes.


Codly enables you to create prototypes and preview your mobile app designs directly in Photoshop, saving work and allowing room to make modifications and experiment with the design. Designers can organise and export the UI source code which transforms your photoshop design into a working prototype. The plugin uses drag and drop components to generate code for popular platforms including iOs, Andriod, Windows 10 and Blackberry.

Subtle Patterns

Creating or searching for patterns for your website can be an arduous task. Subtle Patterns has a vast database of quality, subtle (obviously) patterns created by users themselves. Using a click and play experience, all designers need to do is select a texture from the thumbnail options and it’s applied as a layer style to your current layer.


GuideGuide claims to “make working with guides painless”. Based on the fact that this plugin is Photoshop’s most installed extension, it is a claim that can hardly be disputed. The solution to the laborious task of creating grids gives designers the ability to easily set up guides, grid, columns and gutters. There are options based on canvas, art boards and selected layers, with the option to duplicate guides to other art boards and documents. There is functionality to create custom grids that are too complex for other grid tools, as well as sharing grids with others.