The Best Live Chat Tools for Your Website

The Best Live Chat Tools for Your Website

Stuart Holmes

Few things are more important to the online retailer than customer service. Get it right and conversions will skyrocket, but fail to meet the needs of your customer and they’ll be looking to the competition. Live chat is one such way to engage with customers and provide that all important option to quickly resolve complaints, queries and issues. For many small and large businesses alike, it’s all that’s needed to increase conversions tenfold.

As such, you’ll want to choose the right live chat software to suit your needs. There’s heaps of options to choose from, so we’ve made it a little easier with this top 5 guide.


This is a wise choice for the small blogger or startup as pricing is more than reasonable. It’s also advisable for those who prefer a tailored option where you can create your own custom template. Seasonal designs can be changed throughout the year and you can add and remove elements with minimal of fuss. Analytical features are also impressive allowing you to easily track calls and see those pages which users are visiting before hitting ‘chat’. As a word of warning though, the free version of Zopim can be limiting. It may be worth the minor outlay for the added features of the premium package.


The clean and simple design of PureChat does exactly what it says on the tin. All the complexity is taken out of a live chat feature which makes it the go-to choice for the technologically challenged. That said, there is some smart features including a native app which allows the operator to connect with customers from an Android, iOS and Kindle device. It also integrates with WordPress, Shopify, Facebook and more. For those in search of a no-frills option, it doesn’t get better than PureChat.


As one of the pioneers behind live chat, LivePerson brings a wealth of experience. Often used by massive corporations, this is considered one of the premium options. Analytical information is extensive and the platform integrates with everything from Zendesk to SugarCRM and Salesforce. The ability to gather vital customer information is an added bonus, not to mention customer satisfaction ratings. The main drawback is pricing which is expensive compared to others and can be confusing to determine.


Users of BoldChat can choose from three packages – Pro, Premium and Enterprise. This allows a more tailored solution where you’ll only pay for what’s needed. One of the biggest selling points is the ability to use their feature known as Active Assist. This enables screen sharing between customer and operator or remote use of the client’s computer. It’s especially useful for the tech orientated company which may need a more hands on approach to customer service.


Another all-in-one solution is ClickDesk which goes beyond the traditional live chat approach. This allows operators to conduct live chat calls via Skype of Google Talk which could be the future of customer service. The interface also includes an attractive helpdesk feature which enables customers to quickly troubleshoot a problem without having to use the live chat. Analytics information is limited on ClickDesk but for most small to medium sized businesses this shouldn’t be an issue.