The benefits of using WordPress to power your website


For non-blogging websites, WordPress has become an increasingly popular choice of content management software. Although it began in 2003 as blogging software, there are lots of reasons for you to choose it to power your website 10 years on.

One of the main reasons it is such a hit is that you have control of your site. You no longer have to put the power of your website into a web designers hand – you are the web designer! You have control of almost all aspects, and with it being so easy to use, there will be no stopping you. Adding new elements to your website can be done as easy as 1,2,3 and it has an intuitive, user friendly interface, which you can manage from anywhere with an internet connection.

There’s no doubt about it, HTML editing can be a farce for all involved. WordPress works without this and additional FTP software, and so it’s much easier for you to add content to your new website. In addition, if you wish to add calenders, feeds from your social media sites or videos, WordPress offers these and much more to you via plugins which are of minimal cost.

Being unique is easy with WordPress as the design of the website is completely alterable to make it exactly how you want it. The performance will not be compromised with the design or growth of your site as it allows for as many pages as you need. You can also add multiple users as administrator and have them assigned to certain access levels.

From an SEO persepective, because the coding behind WordPress sites are so simple, your site is likely to be high in the search results, and you can meta tag keywords to enhance this further. If you wish to use the blogging capabilities, WordPress (not forgetting it was built as blogging software) makes it easy to use. With such benefits at your disposal, WordPress comes highly recommended to power your website.