The Benefits of One-Step Checkout on Magento

The Benefits of One-Step Checkout on Magento

The checkout process is a key component in your sales funnel. Once people have made it to the checkout stage, it’s just a few clicks for them to complete the purchase and for you to make a sale. However, some sites manage to make this process overly complex which can end up putting customers off at the last minute and leading to shopping cart abandonment.

If you aren’t using a one step checkout process with your Magento store, then chances are that you may be losing customers with each additional click that they have to do. Think of the checkout process in the supermarket. You’ll always go for the shortest line, right? Same with shopping online.

Optimising the checkout process helps you keep your customers happy and makes them more likely to return in the future. Speed is a crucial part of your checkout process so you want it to be as fast and easy as possible. One page checkout takes 53 seconds whereas Magento’s standard process takes almost two minutes.

There are extensions which you can try that will help you to simplify the checkout process making customers more likely to go through with the purchase. The Magento One Step Checkout Extension reduces the number of steps that a customer needs to go through in Magento’s default checkout process down to just one step from six, making the process far simpler for everyone involved.

Geo IP technology can help with customers filling out the forms with address information, completing location details. This information can be used for both shipping and billing information to make the process easier. Payment information can be delivered with ease by the customer – helping reduce the likelihood of them changing their minds. Any changes can be done with a pop up -meaning that the customer does not have to leave the checkout screen.

One step checkout will improve your conversion rate and get you increased sales.

Are there any other modifications you use that help the customer go through the sales funnel? Discuss in the comments below.