The 5 WordPress Proofreading Tools Every Blogger Will Love

The 5 WordPress Proofreading Tools Every Blogger Will Love

Anna Kowalska

In just a few short years, WordPress has become one of the most highly used platforms for online bloggers. While creating a blog can be extremely fun, checking for errors is not! That’s why you need to enlist the help of proofreading tools to ensure your work is written to the highest quality.

We’ve all been there where someone has pointed out a silly grammatical error in our work. However, if you are a blogger looking for business, maintaining a high standard of work is extremely important as it is a reflection of the work you can provide for potential clients. Plus, you don’t want your audience to click away from your articles due to a few spelling errors!

Luckily for bloggers, there many useful proofreading tools to help you overcome the embarrassment of grammar mistakes in your work!

The Best Proofreading Tools Online for Bloggers

There are five fantastic proofreading tools that every online blogger will love and ensure that your posts are error-free. You also don’t have to worry about breaking the bank as these are all free proofreading tools!


Grammarly makes it to the top of the list for free proofreading tools as it contains all the features you need to produce flawless content. This tool provides bloggers with everything from proofreading to plagiarism detection, to ensure your work is the best it can be. Install Grammarly on your toolbar today and Grammarly will get to work highlighting mistakes your WordPress blogs. What’s more, it will also highlight any errors in Facebook statuses and emails.


Second on the list of the best proofreading tools is PolishMyWriting. Simply copy and paste your text into the website to have all of your errors highlighted. This site will display your errors in different colours depending on whether they are spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes or writing suggestions.


Ginger is the third proofreading tool to make the list and is very similar to the previous proofreading tool. However, there is one feature that this site provides which PolishMyWriting does not. Ginger also corrects other grammatical mistakes such as the improper use of a, an and have. This proofreading tool also gives you the option to add it on to your web browser for faster and more convenient proofreading.

Slick Write

Next up on our list of proofreading tools we have Slick Right. Professionals and firms love using this tool to analyse and proofread their documents. We also love that it will give you suggestions on how to improve your writing skills.


PaperRater is a proofreading tool that does exactly what it says on the tin – rates your articles! This tool will analyse your work, check for errors and also give you suggestions on how to improve it. Not only that, you will also be given a final score on how impressive your writing skills are – pressure indeed!

Do you use any of these proofreading tools when blogging or are there any other fantastic tools out there you think we have missed? Let us know in the comments below if there are or if you test out any of our suggestions.