The 5 Best Magento Search Extensions

The 5 Best Magento Search Extensions

Liam Firth

As your Magento store grows, your inventory levels will increase significantly.  Also, the number of categories and product pages will also go up.  Here is where you’ll see the main benefits of having a strictly defined website structure.  However, it’s important to understand that a good website structure cannot completely resolve these issues.  Many Magento users will still face issues when searching for intended products.  This problem could be easily solved by installing Magento search extensions to your store.

We’ve complied five of the best Magento search extensions below.

AJAX Scroll

The AJAX Scroll search extension by Amasty offers several important UI and navigation elements that are missing from the default Magento 1 interface.  If you opt for this extension, it will add great value to your Magento store by streamlining the overall user experience for visitors.

This Magento search extension gives you the ability to display store inventory in a far more intuitive way.  This enables Magento store owners to present a full selection of related products without encountering any pagination concerns.  This should offer a measurable increase in conversion rates at your store.

Advanced Search

This is a pricier Magento search extension option.  Advanced Search by Aheadworks will automatically enhance default search capabilities of your Magento store.  This particular search extension would greatly benefit stores with a huge inventory. Advanced Search uses Sphinx as its primary core search engine.

Easy Filter

Easy Filter is a free Magento search extension by Synamen Thinklabs.  This solves one of the most irritating UI problems associated with running a Magento store.  Stores that have a large selection of product attributes will often have to display the entire set.  This can often have a negative impact on the overall user experience of your store and can disturb the UI of your Magento store.

Using Easy Filter will simplify the display of the product attributes on your Magento store and present it in a neat UI format.  This will help to reduce page length and allow users to search for product attributes quickly and efficiently.

Quick Search

The Quick Search Magento extension from Extension Hut offers an extremely useful capability of ‘autocomplete search’.  Often, some visitors don’t have a strong idea of what they need or want from your store.  This particular Magento search extension offers an autocomplete to the search feature.  This helps ensure that visitors receive accurate search results.  Also, this Magento extension easily caters to partial search terms.  The result is a higher level of user interaction, which typically translates to bigger and better sales.

AJAX Search Autocomplete

The AJAX Search Autocomplete extension by Templates Master also offers an autocomplete feature.  This particular extension can also be customised to help users execute search queries using various store level features including status, shape, description and price.  This way, customers are able to widen the search parameters, as well as narrowing searches to an exact item.

This Magento search extension also allows for customisation of the search box by altering both default text and the background colour.  If you are a developer, you’ll also be able to customize the extension to fit the overall design of your store.

Liam Firth

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