The 3 Best Post Sale Magento 2 Extensions

The 3 Best Post Sale Magento 2 Extensions

More often than not, finding quality, free Magento 2 extensions can be a difficult task.  The new technical differences between Magento and Magento 2 have also made this a more complicated situation.  If you are on the hunt for a free solution for your Magento 2 store, you will likely not be as lucky as with Magento 1.X.  However, you will be happy to hear that the team at Fooman are leaders in providing well-coded Magento 2 extensions.  In this article, we thought it would be useful to talk you through three of their best extensions that Magento users love.  These different free Magento 2 extensions perform a number of different everyday tasks and we would definitely recommend adding them to your Magento store!

Simplify Your Magento 2 Order Numbering System

If you are new to the Magento platform, you may be unaware that Default Magento 2 will automatically assign a different order, invoice shipping and credit memo numbers for every individual order.  However, you are able to simplify this numbering system by keeping all of the numbers the same.  The Fooman Same Order Invoice Number extension easily accomplishes this.

Once you have installed this extension, when a new invoice is created, the order, invoice shipping and credit memo is created in a way that the same number is used throughout.  If things get a little bit more complicated with multiple invoices, the extension is easily able to separate orders using the automatic duplicate separation.  This small change will help keep your documents well-organised and will simplify the whole process.  Also, your customer benefits from having only one reference number, which makes it super easy when dealing with customer service.

Attach PDF’s to Sales Emails Without Fuss

If you’re currently on the hunt for a quick and easy way to attach your sales PDF’s to your sales emails, Fooman is here to help.  The Fooman Email Attachments extension works perfectly for attaching documents.  It will also attach invoices, credit memos and even terms and conditions to sales emails.  Also, this Magento 2 extensions is also completely free!  This brilliant extension will easily save you time and offers detailed settings for each type of sales email.  You also get control over the different kinds of documents to attach.  This means you can easily tailor this extension to suit your personal needs.

Single Order Confirmation PDF for Multiple Orders

Are you looking for a way to generate a PDF copy of your order confirmations?  Well, this is easily achieved with the Fooman Print Order PDF.  This Magento 2 extension is easy to use and will enable you to create an Order Confirmation PDF for each order.  The beauty of this new extension is that you also have the ability to create a bulk Order Confirmation document for a number of different orders at the same time.  With this extension, every order that you select will be showcased in a single PDF document.  This will save you valuable admin time.

Each of these plugins is easy to use.  These three Magento 2 extensions from Fooman help streamline the order tracking and documentation process.

Have you used any of the Fooman extensions?  Let us know in the comments below.

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