Surprising the Snobs Pt 2 – Even more big names that use WordPress

Surprising the Snobs Pt 2 – Even more big names that use WordPress

John Hewick

We’ve all met WordPress snobs. In our original article we dealt with some of the most common issues people raise when impugning WordPress, and touched on some of the big names that use it. Here we look at some more, hoping to prove that WordPress offers a platform suitable for everyone – not only for the smallest start-ups, but also the largest multi-nationals!

Big Business

If you are looking to create a great, powerful and scalable website for your e-commerce business or town center shop, were Forbes to take a break from offering financial and business news, they might suggest using WordPress, given that it is what they use themselves.

The Harvard Business Review is on there too, and your business, no matter what size, will be rubbing shoulders with Marks & Spencer’s, Blackberry, Nokia and Ford, to name just a few of the globally recognisable brands that utilize WordPress. eBay Ink is the official source for information, opinion and perspective on eBay, whilst General motors and UPS add their heavy-weigh names to the list.

Show Business

When perhaps the most famous woman in the world thinks WordPress is good enough for her website, we should all take note. Beyonce (or perhaps more realistically, a member of her team) uses WordPress, and so does her husband, some guy called Jay-Z – a master of marketing and one of the most influential musicians of our age. If you prefer something a little more old school, how about The Rolling Stones? Cooler? Lollapolooza music festival is on WordPress, whilst features over one million tracks, artist profiles, photos, videos, new music and music news daily, all through WordPress.

Your Business?

Lots of people have a WordPress blog and it is perhaps because of its open source nature that WordPress has so many detractors. But it isn’t just for knitting circles and people blogging about walking their dog. Reuters, one of the most respected news sources in the world, uses WordPress for their blogs, and the blog of non other than The New York Times is also a WordPress site. CNN host blogs for their on air personalities through the platform, whilst for tech-heads, Sony and Samsung are just two of the big names using the platform. Oh yes, and IBM.

Intergalactic Possibilities

Finally, proving you don’t have to go to a galaxy far, far away to find a great blog platform, the Official Star Wars blog is content managed by WordPress. Turns out you don’t need to use the force for everything then…

The list really does go on and on. Universities, Medical Companies, in fact almost any kind of organization you can think of use WordPress for their CMS, so if you happen to be one of those people who poo-poo it, perhaps it is time to think again?

John Hewick

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