Split Testing in Magento

Split Testing in Magento

A/B Split testing helps you to determine which layout or design works better for your site – basically which one gets the most conversions. You can use Google Analytics with Magento to test out new designs, tracking conversions based on which theme achieves a higher conversion rate.

How to Implement your A/B Testing

Any changes that you make to your Magento store should be tested to ensure that they encourage more positive customer behaviour. You can test this by showing the new design to 50% of customers and keep the old one for the other 50%. This needs to be done at the same time so that the variables such as time/weather/season can be accounted for – otherwise it is an unfair test.

To test properly, you will need:

  • To be able to split traffic 50/50
  • Three Google Analytics accounts
    • One master account which is unchanged
    • One account for old theme
    • One account for new theme

This will allow you to analyse the data you receive from the test.

Hopefully you already have a Google Analytics account – if not, get one set up now. Make sure that the Property on the account is set to Classic Analytics.

Next you’ll need to set up another two identical Properties in this GA account. Label these something like old theme, new theme to differentiate, still using Classic Analytics.

You should now have three properties for your account. You’ll need to make a note of the property IDs so that you can use them in Magento.

Install the module Creare AB (Split) Testing. Remember to clear cache, log out and then back in.

Configuring the AB Split Test Module

Once the module is installed, you’ll need to ensure that the account settings are set up correctly. Go to System> Configuration> Google API and enable it, using your master GA account.

Modify the AB testing setting by going to System> Configuration> AB testing and use the form to chose your current theme. Add the current theme’s GA code, then select the new theme and add the new theme’s property ID. Enable this and the test is set up.

Test the AB Split Test Module

Open two browsers on your computer and visit your website with both. This should bring up one instance of the old theme and one instance of the new one as long as you are the next visitor to the site. The selection of new/old should alternate every time there is a new visitor to your site. The cookie will keep the visitor on the theme that comes up when they open the site initially.

Once this is all set up and tested, you can continue with the split test to get some definitive results on which version of your site converts more visitors.

If you’d like to know more about split testing, or if you just want to discuss how Magento can boost your online retail business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Elementary Digital right now.