Some Top Website Designs

There are millions of websites in the World all trying to stand out with a relevant and top website design. Styles and trends are always changing online as user tastes and internet connections evolve over time on the internet. We have chosen some top website designs we think are worthy of a mention:


The BBC have an absolutely fantastic in-depth website. The homepage is an example of absolutely excellent design and content coming together. We found the homepage fast page loading, lush scrolling navigation and plenty of stand-out images to keep the user interested and not bored with just textual content. This is a very attractive website with many snippets of useful information for its users. It has been designed in such a way so it is an easy to understand navigation for its users.


The official NHS website is a very important one for people in the United Kingdom and must provide an easy to use navigation for users needing to find out certain health information.The homepage has a navigation which is diverse from top-level categories, translate and access to their social media profiles. By providing a diverse navigation it speeds up the user time to find out exactly what they are looking for – and on such an important health information website this is essential.

We also liked the layout of the internal pages on


The page is designed in a way to put lots of information in various formats on the page but make it easy to understand. The information is broken down in the text and the different kinds of content such as video are segregated off from the other parts of the page. The reason of the importance of breaking down the information and giving different types of content its own space on the page is because you do not want users to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content on offer, which will be essential information to be displayed. We think these internal pages do a great job in displaying considerable amounts of valuable information in different formats in a manner which will not overwhelm users and help them find the information they need.