Some Good Examples of Ecommerce Website Design in the UK


E-commerce design is ever evolving over time to become more attractive, functional and adaptive to different devices such as mobile and tablet.

A good e-commerce website will typically have a nice design layout which adapts to user perception, usability which is of ease and an easy to navigate layout of products that they sell. By user perception there is research to suggest users have been conditioned to expect a layout of a website in a specific way (navigation at the top or left being a typical example).

One example that we think has a good e-commerce design is – an online retailer for DVD’s, games, music, etc:

As you can see has a tidy navigation at the top, broken down into simple categories making it easy for the user to narrow down their search from the start of their journey. Also we like the promotional images at the top, they really stand out and get deals across to users. Upon scrolling down on the homepage you will also find deals the website is offering taking you straight to the product page for anyone interested:


Another e-commerce design that we like is – they have a good looking and easy to use website for their users:


What we really liked about this e-commerce website was the fact that it had a simple yet very useful way to ‘sort by’ and ‘shop by product’ feature. The usability on this website is perfect for someone needing to venture through categories to find a niche product.

The layout of the product pages are also a good example of an e-commerce website we believe:


You can see a large picture, price and stock very easily on the product pages and an easy to use ‘add to basket’ button for anyone wanting to buy the item. This makes the user journey processes simple and easy for the user and we believe that helps increase conversion rate.