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The buzz word, ‘Social Media‘, you know you’ve got to be doing it but in reality you’re not entirely sure what ‘it’ is and how ‘it’ will offer a benefit to your business. At Elementary Digital the first thing we do when chatting to companies interested in social media is help them understand what social is to them. This often doesn’t mean having a Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin page but actually looking at where people talk about their company, products and services online.

What is Social Media?

Social is not just the social networks, it’s wherever someone is having a conversation online whether that’s on Facebook, Twitter or a blog, forum or even reviews. Basically people are talking about everything online these days, that includes what you do, what you sell and even your brand. Online provides the biggest community in the world and as such a huge amount of scope for people to voice their opinions both good and bad.

The organisations that embrace this open community and forum for engagement are those that will harness the power of the crowd and use them to influence everything about their business from services/products offered through to learning about how to evolve the companies strategy.

Why is Social Media important?

‘Power to the people’ (Citizen Smith!), a powerful statement and never so true in the age of social media. The internet has empowered people to put forward their thoughts, beliefs and opinions on all aspects of their lives. This new found power can influence people at an individual or group level and can be the difference between success or failure for a business.

Why work with Elementary Digital?

We love social media, for us it’s understanding who your audience are and then creating a dialogue with them that is on a level, friendly and productive. We embrace the good, the bad and the ugly, definitively managing relationships throughout and focusing on developing presence for our clients.

Find out how we can help develop your potential online, contact us today.

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