Practical social media advice for businesses in Yorkshire


Social media, the world speaking online and a world of opportunities for businesses. Think about it people actively but themselves on to social networks, they tell you who they are, who they work for, there age and even what their interested in. From a marketing point of view this is absolutely gold dust, if you can find them, connect with them and put forward things of interest then you going to pull them into your site and hopefully develop a fruitful relationship. Looking at it from another perspective your finding people that will be interested in you, seo puts your website in front of people when they’ve conducted a search, they won’t click on your site unless it really stands out (on the first page) and you’ve targeted the right keywords, social can be a far more effective push/pull medium. If you’re thinking about developing your social media then speak to Elementary Digital and follow some of the steps below:

  • Talk to people, don’t sell – sad but true (and we’ve been guilty of this in the past) companies tend to think social media is an opportunity to sell, sell, sell. In one way it is, however it’s not as simple as following someone and then they’ll buy something. Instead you need to build trust and develop a relationship with your audience. We’ve found this can be best achieved by talking to people, sharing your thoughts, best practice and ideas, this will ultimately put forward the personality of your brand, company and people and help businesses by into you, not the sales talk.
  • Engagement – all social media is about conversations and for a business to be successful in the social community you should put your ear to the ground and listen to what your audience have to say. We found that when we pitch some interesting clients to our clients social networks we pick up a lot about the company that helps them improve and evolve, however you need to prepare yourself for the good, the bad and the ugly (in terms of comments) and embrace your audience.
  • Sponsored links – if you want to build your channel beyond your natural circle try the networks advertising systems, this will allow you to target people based on the personal criteria and increase your reach. A tip from our experience is give away something free and follow this up by showcasing this on your social channels
  • Appreciate people – if someone has taken the time to follow you or engage with you then showing a little love can go a long way and they’re more likely to refer or recommend you.

These are just a few handy tips for getting your social media going. If you’d like to find out more then speak with the Elementary Digital team about how social media can be a really powerful tool for increasing your presence.