Social commerce, a fad or serious contender to e-commerce?


Social Commerce was originally a way to share info about eCommerce sites throughout the web using social media profiles. If a site was successful, chances are that it would have many user reviews on a number of different websites, as well as personal recommendations on the businesses own social profile (their Facebook wall for example). This would be the best way to get a feel of how a company treated its customers and if it wasn’t any good, the profiles would no doubt tell you. It has since grown and is still growing into something much more convenient, allowing you to shop for your favourite items quickly and seamlessly through your social profile.

Quick & simple
The obvious benefits of social commerce easy to use and very simple. Facebook, Twitter and Google are among some of the social sites offering such services and many companies are working with these top sites to make it even easier for users to shop through social platforms. This may well become the most popular way to shop online but there will always be a delicate balance to make sure that the social profiles are primarily used for social and that they don’t become an eCommerce store of their own.

Reviews & info
One of the best things about social commerce is that you will have access to online third party reviews & news about the company you’re thinking of purchasing from & even the specific product you’re thinking of buying. This means that you can easily see independent reviews from other social users that you could even make direct contact with to make sure that they’re not a bot or spam profile. It won’t be just one website offering this info, as there are plenty out there and chances are that the business you wish to shop with will have a profile on all

Personal attitudes
All generations of users are getting comfortable with using social media from the young & old mainly because general attitudes are changing about scare tactics once used to promote cyber crime such as the electronic theft of personal details. We all feels much safer when using our details online, so more of us are naturally prepared to do so. The convenience of it has been widely promoted, leading to many more users doing all kinds of shopping online, from food & clothing, to electronics & furniture. There will always be the odd worry, mainly due to how simply ordering items through profiles can be but it is up to us as a user to make sure that we take care of our details and shop responsibly by securing the means to do it.

The next few years are going to make or break social commerce and it’s going to be very interesting for all of us to see if it takes off or not but the way things are going at the moment, we are sure that it will be very successful. But time will tell.