Should you handle SEO in-house or with an agency?

Should you handle SEO in-house or with an agency?


Deciding who should handle your SEO can present a number of challenges. Do you learn to do the job yourself, assemble a team of in-house SEO experts, or invest in an agency to take the job out of your hands?

There are any arguments related to this debate, however, it all comes down to your goals and what you want to achieve.

In-House SEO

In-House SEO refers to operations that are achieved within a company by a team or an individual, such as a dedicated employee who is an SEO specialist.

The primary strength of hiring an in-house SEO person is that your company is their primary focus. That person will know everything there is to know about your business, applying this knowledge to your SEO strategy.

With such in-depth knowledge of the team, your specialist will gain close familiarity with your in-house developers, content writers, marketing team, and so on. This promotes a high-level of autonomy and the ability to navigate internal politics. In addition, your specialist will leverage these assets to bolster the SEO strategy.

Your SEO specialist will work with and develop internal SEO tools. They will be able to competently handle your content management system (CMS) to make content changes.

An in-house SEO specialist can be expensive to employ on a full-time basis with some commanding up to £45,500 a year according to Indeed jobs. Your budget depends on your requirements, as it may not be necessary to employ someone full time to do a job that can be achieved on a part-time basis.

A weakness of an SEO specialist is whether they are able to keep up with industry trends and will often need to conspire with outside sources, such as an agency to make sure that they remain in touch with up-to-date methods and practices.

Agency SEO

Agencies work on a diverse range of clients and because of this, they are on top of latest trends and have dedicated project managers to run your campaign.

SEO specialists quickly identify what works and what doesn’t. They closely monitor Google for changes to algorithms and keep on top of any other macro strategies and trends.

While in-house SEOs work on their own or in a small team, agency teams can have 4 or 5 people on one project, maybe more depending on what the budget allows.

Agencies employ people who know how to drive strategy and apply the latest techniques and strategies to maximum impact. They have already tried and tested a lot of methods, so a lot of the guesswork has been removed.

Best of Both

There are advantages to hiring a specialist to run your SEO in-house and employing the services of an agency. An SEO manager will benefit from an in-depth knowledge of your company, but can’t alone drive strategy, implement changes and keep on top of industry trends and may need to work with an agency complete the time-consuming tasks.

Consider your budget, resources and requirements before making a decision on what best suits the need of your company.