Shopping cart abandonment tips


Customers can start adding items to their shopping cart but that doesn’t always mean that an e-commence business has made a sale. A recent study from Baymard puts the figure for shopping cart abandonment at 68.07%, a huge amount of lost sales opportunities.

There are things that you can do to reduce this. Here are five ways you can improve your conversion rate for your e-commerce store.

Flat Rate or Free Shipping

Shipping costs play a huge part in a buyer’s decision to try their luck elsewhere. A study from Forrester puts high shipping costs as the reason for 44% of abandoned carts, along with 22% who leave because shipping costs aren’t even mentioned until the payment process has begun. People have come to expect free or flat rate shipping, so do take it into account when building your site and pricing up.

Remove Hidden Charges

Whether the charges are tax or shipping charges, anything which suddenly hikes up the price up can be a reason to abandon a shopping cart. You can try offering a cost calculator so that people can see what it is that they are going to be paying meaning there are no unpleasant surprises.

Easy Navigation

Shoppers don’t want a cart that they can’t easily access. Make sure that whenever a shopper adds to their cart, there is an easy-to-find shopping cart section to your website which is clickable from anywhere on the site.

Minimal Checkout Process

Don’t make people fill out miles of forms to buy what they need, or insist that they register to earn points (although some might want to). Instead, make the checkout process easy and simple with an express option for those in a hurry.

Multiple Payment Options

With so many ways to pay online, you need to be sure that the way your potential customer wants to pay is available. This includes cards and Paypal.

The more convenient your shopping process is, the easier it will be to get people to convert when they’ve put items in their shopping carts.