Search engine optimisation, or SEO as it’s perhaps better known, should be at the top of the list of any business, organisation or someone looking to be online. The main ingredient in developing a successful website, SEO is a complex process of delivering presence to search engines both on and off site. At Elementary Digital we understand the ultimate goal for any website owner is to quite simply have presence and SEO can be the tool that makes brands really stand out, however there are real hurdles in the way. For a website to be truly successful today there are no shortcuts to the top, instead it’s about creating a compelling proposition online that’s based on content, placement and general visibility in multiple arenas.

What’s the Elementary Digital approach to SEO?

For ‘ED’ it’s about adopting a campaign approach, you have a message and we need to put it out there in a way that looks natural, holistic and most importantly engages with your audience. The relentless procession of Google updates has seen the old ways of SEO disappear. Instead today we adopt a mix of content marketing, technical SEO, social media and online PR to put your brand out there amongst your audience. Our approach is to focus on the user, not the search engine and we look to create dialogue that is useful and entertaining. Better outreach to your audience through truly understanding means you have better presence online and more loyalty to your brand.

Why work with Elementary Digital?

We only talk reality when it comes to SEO. We don’t promise things we can’t deliver and we are not constrained by limitations such as time sheets and budget. Instead we focus on what is needed to deliver results, this means building campaigns not links. A successful SEO campaign today is all about the time and effort you put in to learn more about your audience and the scope to reach them online. We don’t limit our clients opportunity to succeed, we keep our eyes on the goal and do everything we can to achieve it.

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