Why is Yorkshire so good at SEO?


Yorkshire the land of opportunity, beautiful countryside and great people…a little biased but we are from Yorkshire and love it. Something else Yorkshire is the land of is SEO’s a breed of marketeers who love everything online, can be found hanging out in blogs, forums and following every word of the rockstar that is Google. It’s true Yorkshire is the land of search engine optimisation with the most people outside of London working in the digital marketing arena, world class seo experts and the most recognised and respected agencies in the UK. Don’t believe we’ll here’s some of the facts:

  • Yorkshire has some of the most respected seo experts in the world (never mind the county). If you follow Dave Naylor, Patrick Altoft or Tim Grice and you live in Yorkshire then these experts are living amongst you and often they can be found talking at events in Yorkshire (or around the world)
  • SEO Agencies In Leeds – it’s a fact that there are four agencies in the Leeds area that are regular found in the top ten seo agencies in the country, one of them is in the top 1 and they have 100+ people and work with the biggest brands in the country
  • SEO events in Leeds – the marketing hub of Leeds run a number of SEO conferences each year and attracts people from around the world
  • Award ceremonies – if you look beyond the London agencies you’ll find the highest number of shortlists (and winners) comes from Yorkshire based (Leeds) agencies. Across both search and social Yorkshire based agencies have won all the awards from DADI’s to Search Awards you can find shiny trophies adorning cabinets throughout Yorkshire.
  • Employment – it’s been reported that Yorkshire based SEO agencies have seen annual growth of 25% and are employing more people than any other industry

It doesn’t stop there, with many of the Yorkshire seo agency being bought out by national companies they have got the investment to broaden their reach and they’re taking a piece of Yorkshire to the far reaches of Europe, Australia and even the USA (the promised land of SEO). Elementary Digital love seo and being part of the digital community in Yorkshire, we proud to have such wonderful marketing experts on our doorstep and a wealth of knowledge that can be shared.