SEO Advantages of WordPress Multisites

SEO Advantages of WordPress Multisites

WordPress is a fantastic tool for small to medium sized businesses that need an easy content management system. This is also true when it comes to search engine optimisation – even for business owners who use multisites.

Multisites are virtual sites – they don’t have separate directories on your server. They are held under one main domain and can share plugins and themes. There are separate directories and tables in the installation and the database.

With one super admin in control, a business can create as many websites as they like, each with its own moderators and users who can add and edit content, or simply with a single admin user.

For example, if you have a website dedicated to fashion, you may want to have a secondary website specifically about shoes. With WordPress’s multisite function, a user can create a site which is tethered to the original but that contains different copy, images and meta data.

Multisites can work to a business’s advantage when it comes to SEO. But how? It’s because subdomains are treated differently than subdirectories by search engines. When used with a comprehensive SEO strategy overall for a business’s websites, companies can see genuine SEO advantages.

With a subdomain address being a separate website, it can increase a user’s SEO score. Each subdomain is technically a separate install of WordPress. It is counted as an entirely new CMS, with a separate group of users and a separate blog. It isn’t counted as a microsite or page.

As long as the child site has original content, search engines can see that the site should have its own SEO score. This can then feed into a local SEO strategy to boost sites SEO scores with social signals and NAP (name-address-phone number) citations.

WP Multisite isn’t for everyone but when used correctly by the right business, it can be a great cost effective CMS solution.

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  • Brian Mason

    I”m totally agree that WP is the best CMS ever

    • elementarydigital

      We think it just keeps getting better too – very excited for the future of WordPress!