Self Driving Cars in London?

Self Driving Cars in London?

Jem Henderson

Make way for the future, folks. While the hover board has been a massive letdown (seriously, that isn’t a hover board. It doesn’t hover, and by all accounts RANDOMLY SETS ON FIRE), the smart money is still on Google managing to bring self-driving cars to London in the near future. Or even the very near future as the Greater London Authority has already been in talks with the search engine giant and future corporate overlords of the world Google about bringing local trials of autonomous cars to the city.

Deputy Mayor for Transport Isabel Dedring has reportedly spoken to Google about trials a number of times over the past three years. She is quoted speaking at an unidentified event, saying, ‘We met them a few weeks ago to see whether they would do trials here.’

The Authority wants to get Google’s attention as self-driving cars take up considerably less room than the lowly people-driven versions. As such, any future roads building projects could be based around the smaller design, meaning less work and less money spent.

However, don’t think that this would necessarily mean that you’d get to work any faster than before. As Dedring wisely pointed out, ‘a traffic jam is a traffic jam regardless of whether people are driving cars or riding them’.

You can’t have it all, people.